• KAREDO International (Japanese)


1. International letter exchange program for children
                                   ⇒ Details of letter exchange program
Support, coordination of correspondence and matching of participants, to enable smooth letter exchanges with children from other countries.
- Matching of children and schools according to their preferences, such as country, number of participants, age, etc.
- Proposals for content and method of letter exchange.
- Training and provision of correspondence facilitators.    
2. International music exchange project support 
                                   ⇒ Details of music exchange program
Both in Japan and overseas, we provide an opportunity for students to experience communication and cultural exchange through music, and learn about the music of other countries.
Current project: support for International Guitar Project
- Accompanying Japanese student guitar club and students from Singapore during reciprocal tours.
- Carrying out joint training and workshops. Coordination of concerts and participation in competitions.
3. International exchange / charity events   
Planning and management of events offering international cultural exchange through introductions of national cultures and arts, sport, and outdoor activities.

We believe it is very important to actively provide a place for international exchange not only to people already active in international events, but also to people with no previous involvement in such activities.